It’s Been a While

It’s been a crazy journey so far, so sorry for not writing in a while. My service has been great thus far. One benefit I never realized about serving AmeriCorps was that I would be constantly surrounded by such amazing people. It is amazing how much generosity, intelligence, and innovation I encounter on a daily basis. It has truly made me a happier person to be surrounded by such positivity every day. I also didn’t realize how fast it would go by! I have already been here for almost 3 months and it feels like just yesterday that I began.

While my service has had its challenges, like working with new partners and learning to communicate with them, I already feel like I have accomplished a lot. Our department recently got approved to do an alternative spring break for Spring 2012 for the honors students. I am very excited to lead my own trip and get to show students what a great feeling it is to volunteer over the course of a week. Yesterday we held our monthly Rent-A-Pup event and due to my efforts as well as the efforts of other students to raise awareness, we had the biggest event yet. Hundreds of UCF faculty and students were able to “rent” dogs that they could take on walks to socialize them. An article I wrote even got printed in UCF Today and an article was written about us in Central Florida Future. These monthly events as well as my new puppy have made me realize how passionate I am about animals. This service is definitely just getting better and better.


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