The Power of the Tweet

I recently decided that upon the end of my service year at AmeriCorps, I would pursue other opportunities, most specifically in PR. As I’ve scoured the job boards and looked up every single agency and firm in the area, I found hope that there would be a place for me in the PR world once I finished my year of service. I know that I have the talent and drive, but I would have to keep working to make myself stand out. So I decided to put my (albeit amateur) Photoshop skills to work and created a resume that not only spoke of my work, but displayed it. And so my hunt continued…

If you’re reading this, you are most likely in the PR industry, and if you’re like most people in the PR industry, you read every inch of news all day, every day. So you’ve probably recently heard  about the man who decided to put himself out there. Literally. He purchased a slot on an electronic billboard, displaying his face and contact information for 24 hours, asking employers to hire him. It was risky, and a little strange, but it worked! And now we follow each other on Twitter.

You’ve also probably heard about the man who used Google ads to his advantage. He created ads that would be seen when top ad executives Googled themselves, including a message asking them to hire him.  4 out of 5 of them called him in for an interview, and two of them offered him a job.

The moral of the story is that these men took risks, in an industry where you have to stand out and show people what you’re made of. These instances inspired me to make bolder choices as I continued my job search, although I don’t have hundreds of dollars to spare for a billboard. I knew one day I would come up with an idea and find an opportunity to use it.

Today was that day. It wasn’t an expensive move, not even a grand gesture, but it was different.

As I was doing my daily rounds on job boards, I came across a listing for a social media coordinator. The listing was on a common job board, the kind where you create an account and submit a resume through the website. But I didn’t want to do that. I was tired of submitting my resume among hundreds of others to this online portal system. I wanted to reach a person for once. So I thought to myself, they want someone who knows social media, I’ll use social media to talk to them. I found their Twitter account and tweeted them my website. Hours later I got a call from their CFO wanting to speak to me about my tweet, and most importantly my resume. I’m not sure what will come of it (hopefully a job!) but I am glad I decided to take the alternative route for once. My boyfriend’s mother recently told him that my resume was too strange, that it needed to be more normal. But who wants to be normal? There are plenty of average people in this world, I’ll choose to be different.

UPDATE: I didn’t land the job, however I did make it through the five rounds of interviews they conducted and was one of two final candidates. I will continue to take risks and put myself out there as I continue my job search. Wish me luck!

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