A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Twitter Feed

Last night, in my never ending quest for PR and social media knowledge, I was scanning my Twitter feed and happened upon a Twitter chat. I’ve observed a few Twitter chats before, taking part if I could, but this one was different. This one involved students and professors from the very college I went to, Nicholson School of Communication at University of Central Florida.

I had heard through the grapevine that my peers had formed a social media club, but was ecstatic to find that they had begun conducting Twitter chats. While I have taken part in a few chats before, such as #pr20chat and #prstudchat , it was exciting to speak to past professors of mine and students who have had the same education I had. Even more exciting was finding out that a colleague of mine was the host for the night.

Last night’s subject was how to run a brand’s Twitter account. The tips and insight that I picked up from the chat are invaluable. I learned so much while also realizing that I had plenty of insight to give as well. It was also a great way to connect and reconnect with people who enjoy learning about and using social media. I am now counting down the days until next week’s chat with my social media friends.

A glimpse of our chat can be seen at Rachel Marshall’s ( @rachelmarshall) #Storify story “UCF Social Media Media Club TweetChat #ucfsmc 06/04/2012″ http://sfy.co/139y

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