My First Big Media Placement!

It’s been far too long since I last blogged. I am happy to say that I am truly enjoying my time at CCH Marketing & Events. It feels great to be back in PR, and I’ve got great coworkers to boot!

As most in PR know, this industry is quite hectic and busy. As you can tell, I’ve been focusing on my clients much more than myself at the moment. But I have recently landed my first big media placement for a client and am excited to show you all! With a some persistence and perfect timing, I was able to get Pyure Brands an interview with Entrepreneur for their Trends Issue. The piece is about the growing energy drink industry, which tied in perfectly considering Pyure is launching a new certified organic, sugar-free, calorie-free energy shot.

Below is a picture of the article. (Yes, I scored a print piece!)


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Guess Who’s Back?


…in PR! I am very excited to announce that I am the new public relations and social media coordinator at CCH Marketing & Events, Inc. I am thrilled to be back in public relations, though I never stopped keeping up with the industry. CCH Marketing & Events, Inc. is a full-service marketing, public relations, and event planning firm that represents clients across a broad range of industries. My main roles will involve copywriting and social media.

To learn more, check out

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A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Twitter Feed

Last night, in my never ending quest for PR and social media knowledge, I was scanning my Twitter feed and happened upon a Twitter chat. I’ve observed a few Twitter chats before, taking part if I could, but this one was different. This one involved students and professors from the very college I went to, Nicholson School of Communication at University of Central Florida.

I had heard through the grapevine that my peers had formed a social media club, but was ecstatic to find that they had begun conducting Twitter chats. While I have taken part in a few chats before, such as #pr20chat and #prstudchat , it was exciting to speak to past professors of mine and students who have had the same education I had. Even more exciting was finding out that a colleague of mine was the host for the night.

Last night’s subject was how to run a brand’s Twitter account. The tips and insight that I picked up from the chat are invaluable. I learned so much while also realizing that I had plenty of insight to give as well. It was also a great way to connect and reconnect with people who enjoy learning about and using social media. I am now counting down the days until next week’s chat with my social media friends.

A glimpse of our chat can be seen at Rachel Marshall’s ( @rachelmarshall) #Storify story “UCF Social Media Media Club TweetChat #ucfsmc 06/04/2012″

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The Power of the Tweet

I recently decided that upon the end of my service year at AmeriCorps, I would pursue other opportunities, most specifically in PR. As I’ve scoured the job boards and looked up every single agency and firm in the area, I found hope that there would be a place for me in the PR world once I finished my year of service. I know that I have the talent and drive, but I would have to keep working to make myself stand out. So I decided to put my (albeit amateur) Photoshop skills to work and created a resume that not only spoke of my work, but displayed it. And so my hunt continued…

If you’re reading this, you are most likely in the PR industry, and if you’re like most people in the PR industry, you read every inch of news all day, every day. So you’ve probably recently heard  about the man who decided to put himself out there. Literally. He purchased a slot on an electronic billboard, displaying his face and contact information for 24 hours, asking employers to hire him. It was risky, and a little strange, but it worked! And now we follow each other on Twitter.

You’ve also probably heard about the man who used Google ads to his advantage. He created ads that would be seen when top ad executives Googled themselves, including a message asking them to hire him.  4 out of 5 of them called him in for an interview, and two of them offered him a job.

The moral of the story is that these men took risks, in an industry where you have to stand out and show people what you’re made of. These instances inspired me to make bolder choices as I continued my job search, although I don’t have hundreds of dollars to spare for a billboard. I knew one day I would come up with an idea and find an opportunity to use it.

Today was that day. It wasn’t an expensive move, not even a grand gesture, but it was different.

As I was doing my daily rounds on job boards, I came across a listing for a social media coordinator. The listing was on a common job board, the kind where you create an account and submit a resume through the website. But I didn’t want to do that. I was tired of submitting my resume among hundreds of others to this online portal system. I wanted to reach a person for once. So I thought to myself, they want someone who knows social media, I’ll use social media to talk to them. I found their Twitter account and tweeted them my website. Hours later I got a call from their CFO wanting to speak to me about my tweet, and most importantly my resume. I’m not sure what will come of it (hopefully a job!) but I am glad I decided to take the alternative route for once. My boyfriend’s mother recently told him that my resume was too strange, that it needed to be more normal. But who wants to be normal? There are plenty of average people in this world, I’ll choose to be different.

UPDATE: I didn’t land the job, however I did make it through the five rounds of interviews they conducted and was one of two final candidates. I will continue to take risks and put myself out there as I continue my job search. Wish me luck!

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The Times has Come, The Walrus Said



It’s here. I had to make a final decision of whether I wanted to stay on as an AmeriCorps VISTA at UCF Burnett Honors college and I have decided to pursue other opportunities. As sad as I am to leave my amazing co-workers and the student volunteers I have grown to love, I am excited about new possibilities.

So for all you creative agencies, I’m here for the taking! Snatch me up while you can 🙂

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Bewilderment and Things Left Unsaid

communication trouble

“Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid.”
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky


In the past few months of my service through AmeriCorps, I have truly learned just how important communication can be when running a volunteer program. All day, every day, I must communicate with student volunteers, prospective student volunteers, and community partners. This communication is key to making sure that students understand what is expected of them as well as support them with any issues they may have.


The problem is, communication consists of relaying ideas between people. It is a reciprocal process that can often be compromised because one person, or group of people, does not continue the communication. Which brings me to my point. I find it fascinating that often times in my position, I have students or other persons that have issues within the program, issues that can be easily resolved with…ding ding ding COMMUNICATION. But they don’t communicate those problems or issues. And then nothing gets done.


While it bothers me slightly that students don’t always communicate those issues with me, it has given me a better appreciation for communication in its essence. And of course it gives me a better appreciation for those students who do communicate with me. So although Dostoyevsky might have been referring to a different issue of the unsaid, I think it still applies to this situation. Communication is essential to any position and lack of communication will always be detrimental to any situation.

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We’re Famous!…kind of.

One of the many reasons I love my job–this event!

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It’s Been a While

It’s been a crazy journey so far, so sorry for not writing in a while. My service has been great thus far. One benefit I never realized about serving AmeriCorps was that I would be constantly surrounded by such amazing people. It is amazing how much generosity, intelligence, and innovation I encounter on a daily basis. It has truly made me a happier person to be surrounded by such positivity every day. I also didn’t realize how fast it would go by! I have already been here for almost 3 months and it feels like just yesterday that I began.

While my service has had its challenges, like working with new partners and learning to communicate with them, I already feel like I have accomplished a lot. Our department recently got approved to do an alternative spring break for Spring 2012 for the honors students. I am very excited to lead my own trip and get to show students what a great feeling it is to volunteer over the course of a week. Yesterday we held our monthly Rent-A-Pup event and due to my efforts as well as the efforts of other students to raise awareness, we had the biggest event yet. Hundreds of UCF faculty and students were able to “rent” dogs that they could take on walks to socialize them. An article I wrote even got printed in UCF Today and an article was written about us in Central Florida Future. These monthly events as well as my new puppy have made me realize how passionate I am about animals. This service is definitely just getting better and better.


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Only the Beginning

It has been quite some time since my last post but so much happened since then. As I begin my journey through AmeriCorps, I have already experienced so much! One of the crucial steps of becoming an AmeriCorps VISTA is the pre-service orientati0n, or PSO. This is training conference that occurs several times a year within various regions for incoming VISTAs, mine taking place in Atlanta at the Georgian Terrace Hotel. I must say that the pre-service orientation brought me to the realization of what a monumental decision I have just made. As I was sworn in to serve my country as  VISTA, I realized what a wonderful commitment I was about to make. To serve the people of my community in such a unique capacity is sure to be an experience of a lifetime for me.

My first day was nothing short of great. I am so excited to be spending the next year working in an office full of like-minded individuals who truly appreciate me being there. I only got to experience two days in the office however before I was off to another training conference, this time a state-wide training in St. Petersburg.  For the past few days, I took part in workshops with fellow Campus Compact VISTAs to teach us the fundamentals of volunteer coordination at institutions of higher learning. While I wasn’t excited to be traveling yet again. this conference was invaluable. I now have a network of VISTAs that I can turn to throughout my year of service.

Thus far my AmeriCorps experience has been amazing and this is only the beginning 🙂

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I got the job!

I am a little too behind on reporting this, but I have officially been offered a job as a volunteer coordinator at Burnett Honors College at University of Central Florida through AmeriCorps VISTA. I will be in charge of getting students involved in the HERO volunteer program of the college and keeping them involved in civic engagement. I will begin my position in July following my national training in Atlanta and state training in St. Peterburg. I’m excited to get started ad push myself to do the best I can for the Burnett Honors College and serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA member!

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